Changes to the Scottish Widows Group of companies


  • The Scheme of transfer, which was approved by the High Court on 26 November 2015, took effect from 31 December 2015.
  • The period for raising objections closed on 26 November 2015. The High Court took into consideration the views of our policyholders and regulators before approving the Scheme.
  • Clerical Medical Investment Group Limited changed its name to Scottish Widows Limited on 31 December.

The Scheme of transfer simplified our business by transferring all the policies of certain Scottish Widows Group companies* into Clerical Medical Investment Group Limited, which was renamed Scottish Widows Limited.

We believe these changes will make our business more efficient, will simplify our corporate structure and regulatory reporting requirements and will help us make better use of our resources, including capital.

Although the Scheme is now in effect and the period for raising objections closed, you can read details of the original proposals here:

* The companies whose policies transferred are: Scottish Widows plc, Pensions Management (SWF) Limited, Scottish Widows Annuities Limited, Scottish Widows Unit Funds Limited, Halifax Life Limited, Clerical Medical Managed Funds Limited, and St Andrew's Life Assurance plc

Is your policy affected?

Between July and September 2015, we wrote to all customers whose policies are affected (and where we hold up to date address details). You can also find information about the changes on this site.

Any questions?

The dedicated support team for transfer is now closed.

However, if you have a question about the changes or a general query about your policy, please get in touch using the usual contact number shown on your policy documentation.